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Fiber to the Home:

  • Stunningly fast
  • More speed than you will ever need
  • Customer service from a local company you know and trust.

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Why pre-register?

Fiber is coming to the city of Greensburg!

Haviland Broadband is targeting three different areas in the city of Greensburg for fiber services.  We want to build out the areas where there is the greatest demand first.  Pre-registration does the following:

  • Tracks interest. By pre-registering, you help Haviland Broadband know how close we are to meeting our build-out targets.  We won't build until our targets are met, so we need to know you are interested. Not only does it help us know the level of interest, it also helps you see how close your neighborhood is to meeting its build targets.
  • Improves communication. Once you are registered, Haviland Broadband can communicate with you directly about the status of your zone every step of the way from pre-registration to cutting service over at your home or business.
  • Gives you tools to help spread the word. Once you are registered, you will have access to additional tools to help you spread the word to your neighbors.
  • Privacy is respected.  When you pre-register, you become an official zone backer.  You can choose to have your name listed as a zone backer to the public, or you can choose to remain anonymous.